Urban Decay Smoked Palette – Review

If you haven’t guessed by now, I love makeup 🙂  Most people view putting on makeup as a chore but I enjoy the process of combining various colors and experimenting with new products.  So when I found out that Urban Decay was releasing a brand new eye shadow palette last week, I couldn’t wait to try it out!

For those of you new to the makeup world, Urban Decay is most famous for the “Naked” palette, released a couple of years ago. They followed that palette with the “Naked 2” palette which wasn’t received with quite the accolades of the first palette but is still one of my favorites.

Now they have introduced Smoked, which has 10 beautiful shadows to create the perfect smoky eye.  And, all of the colors are different than the ones in either of the “Naked” palettes, with the exception of “Blackout” (which is also in the Naked 2 palette, but this time in it’s new formulation…more on that later).  The new “Smoked” palette includes the brown, black and gray shadows that you’d expect for the typical smoky eye, along with a deep purple, vibrant blue and dark green.  The travel-friendly zippered case has a large mirror and a vinyl cover that you can easily wipe clean.


Included with the shadows, is a full-size eyeliner in their blackest-black color called “Perversion” (who comes up with these names?)…

 …a travel-size eye shadow primer…

…and a booklet with detailed instructions of how to create 12 different looks with the palette.  This is a first for Urban Decay and I think it’s great for those new to creating “smoky” looks.

Also, what’s different than the other palettes is that this is the first one produced since they reformulated their eye shadows.  Their shadows were great before so I wondered how they could make them any better.  The color pigmentation is still superb as well as their blend-ability and staying power throughout the day (primer helps too :-).  But in the few days that I’ve been using this new palette, the biggest difference that I’ve noticed is that there is less shadow displacement when you put your brush into the shadow (hooray for less mess and waste!) and there is a LOT less fallout (technical term for those little flakes of shadow that fall below your eye when applying shadow).

Here are closeups and swatches of the colors…..

Kinky – Matte ivory (perfect brow highlight color)
Freestyle – Matte peach (great for blending on light to medium skin tones)
Mushroom –  Frosty gray with a hint of warm, taupe undertones
 Backdoor – Matte deep, dark espresso brown
 Blackout – Matte jet black
Here are the swatches of the first 5 colors on my arm with a little primer underneath…..
 Barlust – Frosty warm brown with just a hint of mauve or purple (LOVE this color!)
 Rockstar – Frosty warm purple
 Evidence – Frosty blue with hints of black (probably my least favorite shade but looks amazing over smudged black eyeliner!)
 Loaded – Frosty emerald green (gorgeous!)
 Asphalt – Frosty charcoal
Here are the swatches of the last 5 colors on my arm with a little primer underneath…..

Final thoughts…..I do love that there are both matte and frosty shades in this palette (thankfully none with glitter!).  The only thing I would change about the palette is adding 2 more colors…..a slightly darker matte shade like “Buck” for blending and a light-medium frosty shade.  However, if you use this palette alongside your Naked palette, you will have all the colors you need to make every kind of eye look imaginable!

If you are interested in purchasing this palette, it’s $49 and is currently only available on Urban Decay’s website.  Eventually, it will probably be sold by Sephora and Ulta too but it’s not available through them just yet.

Hopefully this review was helpful but if you have any questions I didn’t address, feel free to put them in the comments below!

**Important Note:  I am not a paid spokesperson for Urban Decay and I purchased this palette with my own, hard-earned cash 🙂  These are my own, unbiased opinions and the purpose of this review is simply to provide detailed product information so that those interested in this product can make an informed purchasing decision.

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