The Second Half of 2012...

As the second half of the year officially kicked off today, I felt like I wanted to set some goals to accomplish in the remaining months of 2012.  Among these goals, I've included a return to a regular blogging schedule & a weekly reveal of new jewelry designs.  So, fingers crossed, here's what you can expect to see starting this week.....

Mondays will be "Monday Makeup Madness" where you can expect to find everything from reviews, new makeup finds, favorite products and maybe even picture tutorials of my favorite eye shadow combos!

Wednesdays will be "Weekly Designs Revealed" where you will see brand new jewelry designs I've been working on during the previous week.

Fridays will be "Fabulous Food Fridays" and will contain everything recipes, reviews of new foods/beverages I've tried, snacking ideas, etc.

Of course, there may be other snippets I want to share that don't fit into these three categories that I'll throw in as an extra bonus too.  So, if you haven't already done so, bookmark this page and I'll see you back here tomorrow where you'll hear about a new favorite lipgloss for around $2!


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