Bare Escentuals’ Liners Contain Hidden Tools

I made an exciting discovery this morning and had to share it with you all.  Bare Escentuals (yes, this is the proper spelling 🙂 retractable eyeliners and lipliners have helpful “tools” hidden in the ends of the pencils.  Both contain a small sharpener, which you might think is silly since they are retractable.  However, one complaint people have had with retractable liners is the inability to maintain a sharp point for precise application.  Bare Escentuals solved that problem by smartly including this little sharpener.  They also hid a sponge-tip smudger in the eyeliner as well so you can easily blend out your eyeliner for a softer look.  Brilliant!
Here’s a look at how they work:
 We start with the typical looking liners…..

The top of the eyeliner has a band of color representing the color of the eyeliner.  This is the removable part of the pencil.  Grasp the color band and gently wiggle free from longer part of the pencil.

You now have the sharpener ready to use.

 Pull off the cap on the other side of the sharpener to reveal the sponge-tip smudger…

Replace the sharpener back into the liner casing to smudge your liner.

 Similarly, for the lipliner, gently wiggle free the colored “cap” at the end of the pencil to reveal the sharpener…

 Sharpen the liner to your desired point and replace the sharpener back in the end of the pencil.

After making these discoveries, I decided to check my “Buxom” products as well since Bare Escentuals also manufactures this brand.  I pulled out my “Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick” and my “Buxom Insider Eyeliner” and discovered….
….they have sharpeners too! 

So “cheers” to Bare Escentuals for making great formulas and brilliant packaging!

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