To Prime or Not to Prime

Ever put on eye shadow and eye liner in the morning and wonder where it disappeared to by the end of the day?  I tried every trick in the book . . . various eye shadows, putting foundation under the eye shadow, dusting my eye lids with powder first, even water proof eye liner. . . nothing kept my shadow and liner in place.

Then one glorious day, I was introduced to Eye Primer.  Now, I can take that extra time on my eyes in the morning because I know my "eyelid artwork" will still be in place by evening.  My two current favorite formulas are by Mary Kay (most "bang for your buck") and Bare Escentuals.  If you've never tried a primer, try one of these - you'll be amazed!  Not only will you see the staying power it gives to your shadow but you'll also see how the primer makes even the lightest shades pop on your eyes.  Happy Priming!