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Help! I need a tan!

Even though the calendar has not officially marked the beginning of summer, the shorts and tank top season has arrived here in southern California!  I thought that in case the warm weather has snuck up on you and you find yourself looking a bit pale in your summer wardrobe, I'd share 3 of my favorite products that will get you tanned and glowing in no time!
BE Faux Tan Sunless Tanner  This is the BEST sunless tanner, in my humble opinion :-)  I've used this for almost 4 years and have not found anything comparable.  It has a deep, dark brown guidance color, which provides and immediate light tan to your skin and helps make sure you're applying it evenly.  There is no shimmer or sparkle and it has a very faint vanilla scent.  And it's a green base tanner (don't worry you won't end up looking like the witch on Wizard of Oz :-) which provides the truest, non-orange tan you can get.  During the summer, I like to look pretty tan so I apply this 2 days i…