Cheap & Effective Brush Cleaning

Whether you have invested a lot or a little, it is important to keep your makeup brushes clean to prevent bacterial from growing in them and to extend the life of your brushes.  For the longest time I didn’t have a regular cleaning routine.  I was perplexed as to the right way to clean my brushes and afraid that if I used normal soap, I might damage the bristles.  So I started doing a little research… 

There are some great “brush shampoos” & other brush cleaning products on the market but unless they come free with purchase (i.e., occasionally Bare Escentuals offers it in their foundation starter kit), save your money and use one of these effective cleansers you probably already have.

  • Makeup Remover/Cleanser – This is my absolute favorite product to use!  I just put a drop of Neutrogena’s “One Step Gentle Cleanser” in the palm of my hand, swirl the brush around in the soap to remove the makeup; rinse the brush and repeat if necessary.  Then I squeeze out the excess water & lay the brush(es) on the counter to dry.  Viola!  I have a nice clean brush to apply my makeup the next morning.

Other options include:

  • Regular adult hair shampoo – I used some of my Redken Color Shampoo and it worked great!  However I wouldn’t use a “clarifying” shampoo as these tend to be a little harsh on the bristles.  And remember, just a little dab will do ya!  A dime size of shampoo is enough to clean 2-3 small brushes.
  • Baby Shampoo – I’ve personally never tried this but several makeup artists have recommended it for this purpose.
  • Makeup remover wipes – These are especially effective for quick daily cleaning of brushes and great to use when you are traveling.  Just swirl the brush on the cloth to remove the makeup and rinse your brush really well.  Allow to air dry.

Now I don’t clean all of my brushes everyday…probably should but I don’t.  However, if I use a brush for a gel liner, liquid concealer, makeup, etc., I do try to clean these after use because the liquid will dry and harden the brush and it won’t work so well for me the next day!  My other brushes that I use for powder, blush and other powder products, I try to clean about once/week.

So whether you have 1 spare minute or 5, clean at least one brush today….your face will thank you for it 🙂

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