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Cookie Cravings That Can Be Good For You

Ten or eleven years ago, I was introduced to Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookies.  These cookies are made with all natural ingredients and are just scrumptious!!!  I hadn't ordered any for quite awhile but just received an order yesterday and let me tell you how I've missed them! 

They are made with whole grains which make them very filling but also help satisfy that craving for something sweet.  There are several flavors that are available all the time and others that are just available seasonally.  This time I ordered "Morning Glory", "Peanut Butter", "Double Chocolate Chunk" and "Oatmeal Raisin".  The regular size cookies are HUGE so I usually only eat a half at a time.  However, they do have several flavors now available in "mini" size which make them great for snacking.  

If you are tired of eating granola bars or just want to eat a healthy cookie, give these a try!   You can purchase them online at…