Favorite Snack Under 100 Calories

Whether you are counting calories or not, snack time can quickly become boring or dangerous!  There are some days when fresh carrot chips sound fine and others when I need something more tasty and filling.  So, when I put together this scrumptious snack and realized it was only 95 calories, I was hooked!

All you need are Orowheat Double Fiber English Muffins and Laughing Cow Light Cheese wedges.  Lightly toast one half of an english muffin (60 calories) and spread one wedge of cheese (35 calories) and viola!  A nutritious and delicious snack!  The Laughing Cow cheese wedges are great because they are individually wrapped so you don't have to worry about using up the container quickly like you do with cream cheese.  Plus, it comes in a variety of flavors . . . my favorite right now is French Onion.  It's usually found in the deli area and not with the rest of the cheeses.  Happy snacking!