Does a high-quality makeup brush make a difference?

For years, I assumed that "a brush was a brush".  They were all made from similar materials and it was absurd to pay lots of money for something to apply my makeup.  Then I started using Bare Escentuals foundation and found out quickly that a good brush was essential for applying that and thankfully their starter kits usually come with a couple of free brushes.  But I still wasn't convinced that I needed to spend lots of money on fancy brushes to apply eye shadow, liner, etc.  Then I was introduced by my dear friend to two brush companies that sell professional grade brushes on-line at fabulous prices.

I ordered several brushes from both companies and noticed an immediate difference in how my makeup went on and how the brushes have held up over time.  What a difference a good brush can make! 

So if you find yourself in need of some new brushes and/or you've always wanted to try some nice brushes but didn't want to spend the money, check out the brushes these two companies have to offer.  You can purchase complete brush sets or individual brushes from both companies.  Crown Brush does have a $25 minimum purchase requirement.