What were you doing when you first heard the news?

9/11/01 is one of those dates that will mark history forever.  It’s also one of those dates that we can recall clearly where we were and what we were doing when we first heard the news that the World Trade center had been struck by an airplane.

I was in my car on the way to work.  I was so excited that I only had two days of work left before I’d be taking 2 weeks off for my wedding and honeymoon.  I turned the radio on and heard the news reporter saying that someone had crashed an airplane into the World Trade Center.  The news was so unbelievable that I sped to work and had to see the images on a tv screen before reality could begin to sink in.  No work was completed that day . . . we all wondered how life could ever return to normal after such a horrific and tragic day.  My wedding was only days away and I wondered how we could have a great day of celebration with a nation in mourning.  Then President Bush gave a speech and stated how important it was that we all continue on with life and not let this paralyze us with fear and grief.  Yet in the midst of moving on with life, we promised we would never forget the lives that were lost. 

Life for me did go on . . . I was married on the 15th and the airports opened in time for my husband and I to fly to Kauai for our honeymoon.  We will be celebrating 9 years of wedded bliss this year!  At times it’s easy to put the events of that tragic day out of my mind and almost think that it never happened or wasn’t as awful as it really was.  So for me, whenever the events of 9/11 start to get a little hazy, I place myself back in my car all those years ago and relive that day. . . remembering the lives that were lost, praying for the loved ones of those who died and reminding me how fragile life is.  No one knows what a day will bring forth.  So tell your loved ones you love them and make sure you are ready to meet your Creator.

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