Makeup Monday Madness

*Answer to the last Bible Quiz at the end of this post*
About two weeks ago, I was shopping on-line at one of my favorite stores, Sephora.  After selecting the items I “needed”, I browsed their BareMinerals “Sale” section and found some incredible deals!  Imagine three full-size eye shadows for $15 (reg. price of one is $13) or a kit with liner, blush, 2 eye shadows, lip gloss & a cute clutch for $25 . . . can we say great gift ideas?  Anyway, since some of you are makeup collectors like me and also love great deals, I thought that whenever I come across fabulous deals like these, I will share them with my blog readers . . . Lucky You! 🙂

As of tonight, Sephora still has the aforementioned deals as well as a few others that you might just want to pick up.  Here’s the link to the
Bare Minerals Sale section.  If the link does not work, go to, select “Bare Escentuals” from the “Brands” drop down list, click on “Makeup” and then click on “Sale”.  Happy shopping all!

*Answer to the Bible Quiz Question: 

When Pharoah learned that Joseph’s brothers had come to Egypt, he told Joseph to send them back to retrieve their father and their families and return to Egypt to live.  He gave them specific instructions about what they were to do with their belongings.  What were his instructions?

Genesis 45:20 tells us Pharoah’s instructions were, “Don’t worry about your belongings, for the best of all the land of Egypt is yours.”  So Jacob and his sons were to bring their families back to Egypt but leave their belongings behind because Pharoah was going to give them the best things in Egypt, which would pale in comparison to what they had back home.  Application?  Well, I found it interesting when you think about Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:19-20, “Don’t store up treasures here on earth . . . Store your treasures in Heaven . . . ”  We all know that we can’t take our treasure with us when we die but we also need to realize that anything we have here on earth, whether it’s a million dollars, a beautiful home, etc., will pale in comparison to what awaits us in Heaven!

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