Sephora….Two Thumbs Way Up!

In a day and age when companies are offering fewer perks and tightening their return policies in an effort to trim expenses, it’s refreshing to find a company that still goes above and beyond the call of duty in customer satisfaction.  Ttoday, I’ve decided to give some serious “props” to that company that stands out in the crowd . . . Sephora.
Since I live in a relatively small town with limited options for shopping, I have started doing a lot of shopping on-line.  When I discovered that Sephora carried most all of my usual beauty products and that they offered free shipping on orders over $50, I decided it was worthwhile to order a few things I needed but didn’t have time to drive out of town to get.  They also advertised “Free Returns” so I felt confident that if something didn’t work out, I could probably return it without too much hassle.   I placed my order and signed up for their “Beauty Insider” program which earns you points for every purchase you make and leads to lots of freebies.  I must say that I didn’t have high hopes when I signed up for this free program . . . with other companies’ frequent buyer programs, I’ve only occasionally earned a free bottle of nail polish, which I had to drive 30 miles to pick up in the store. 

Anyway, my first package arrived from Sephora, along with 3 free samples that I chose from about 12 options.  My first pleasant discovery was that there was actually a free return label included with my order so if something didn’t work, I could put that label on a box or envelope and mail back that item completely free of charge.  Or, if I wanted to return it at a store, I could do that.  And, there have been a few items that didn’t work for me and they took them back, no questions asked.  Thus began a wonderful new shopping relationship with Sephora. 

As my “beauty bank” continued to grow with points, I was offered deluxe sample sizes of various products that I could get with my points plus I started receiving about 3 offers/week via email of free items and discounts on my next order.  My birthday came and I received a free gift – sample size mascara, small eye shadow and eye liner.  Then my beauty bank reached V.I.B. status . . . I became a Very Important Beauty Insider which now gives me even more freebies, a holiday gift card, 10% off my first purchase and other perks.  When I placed my next order, I received so many free items that I was in awe. . . I’ve included a picture of all of my freebies below.  Maybe the next time you need new cleanser or foundation, consider purchasing from Sephora.  They treat customers like they appreciate them and that deserves “Two Thumbs Way Up!”

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