Don't just soap it....foam it!

Foaming soap dispensers are very popular these days.  Personally, I love the ones from Bath & Body Works but Dawn and Dial have some too that work great.  These dispensers are wonderful because they help cut down on the amount of water needed to wash your hands and/or dishes.  Of course, the manufacturers of most of these soap dispensers tell you that you must buy their special refill soap to reuse these dispensers.  Not so!  Here's how to use those dispensers with regular soap, saving you lots of soap and $$. . .

Using a ruler, measure 1/2" from the bottom of the dispenser.  Fill the empty soap dispenser with regular soap up to this 1/2" mark.  Then add water to fill the dispenser so it is 3/4 of the way full.  Replace the lid on the dispenser, shake a few times and you have a foaming dispenser filled and ready for use.  I've used various dish soaps (i.e., Dawn, Palmolive, Joy) as well as Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty and they work great!  The only soaps that might not work too well in this context are the heavily lotioned soaps.

Happy Foaming!