Peach Fuzz & Mustache Be Gone!

**Answer to the June 16th Bible Quiz at the end of this post **
For years, I’ve had that nice layer of blond “peach fuzz” along my jawline and a little on the sides of my mouth.  Occasionally I had an esthetician wax it off but my skin was so sensitive that I would break out in red bumps and pimples galore!  So I decided I would just have to live with it.  One day, I was browsing the latest Avon catalog and came across “Skin So Soft – Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal Cream for the Face – Sensitive Skin Formula“.  I decided for $3.99, it was worth a try.

First, I tested it on the backs of my fingers as I have some peach fuzz that grows there too. . . lucky me 🙂  Following the directions, I applied the cream and waited for 3 minutes then wiped it off with a wet washcloth and viola!  No more hair!  There was no lingering redness and after 24 hours I hadn’t broken out in a rash so I decided to try it on my face.  I followed the same application and removal process and just stared at my nice smooth face and became an instant fan of Skin So Soft’s Facial Hair Removal Cream.  I’ve used it again and experienced the same smooth results without any irritation.  If you are tired of smoothing down the peach fuzz or are worried that your mustache is getting a little thick, call up your Avon representative and give this cream a try! 

Tips:  Start the timer when you begin applying it on the skin….if you wait until you’ve applied it all over your face to start timing, you run the risk of leaving it on one side of your face too long!   Also, there are 2 different formulas – make sure you get the one for “Sensitive Skin”!

**Answer to Bible Quiz:  I believe that Joseph portrays what many scholars refer to as a “type of Christ”.  This does NOT mean that Jesus Christ appeared in the form of Joseph but rather that God used various aspects of Joseph’s life to point toward the coming of the Messiah who would save the world from eternal damnation and death.

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