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Secret Exfoliant

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Today as I was exfoliating in the shower, I decided I should share one of the best secrets told to me a few years ago by an esthetician.  The secret is . . .
. . . Microdermabrasion Crystals.  When you have Microdermabrasion done by an esthetician they use a machine that uses super fine crystals to remove layers of dead skin on your face.  The esthetician told me one of the best things to do for our skin is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!  One of the best ways to do that is with microdermabrasion crystals.  The technical name for them is "Aluminum Oxide Crystals" and they come in various grits - 100, 120, 180 (180 is the finest).  I found mine online (chose the #120 grit) and they have become a part of my daily routine.  What I love is that it's just the crystals.  There's no soap or lotion mixed with them so you can use them mixed with your favorite face soap, on your body with your bo…

Wednesday Bible Quiz

A very important article in the tabernacle and later in the temple was the incense altar.  What does the incense represent?
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It's never too late to do spring cleaning!

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Monday, I did a little "Spring Cleaning" . . . yes, I know, it's mid-July and that all should have been done months ago.  But it seems that this year I've been exceptionally busy and can't seem to put a "Spring Cleaning Day" on the calendar.  Anyone else have that problem?  Well, you may be wondering how I found time to work it in this week . . . it started with a burned out light bulb in my bathroom.  On Monday, several days after the bulb had burned out, I finally got up on the counter to remove the old bulb.  When I reached in to remove the bulb, I found a thick layer of dust on the bulb. . . not only that but I looked in dismay at the layer of film inside each of the glass shades of the fixture and knew I had to take action. . .
With Clorox wipes in hand, along with an old rag and a homemade cleaning solution (I'll share that recipe in a later post), I set to work cleaning…

Wednesday Bible Quiz

Here's this week's question:  What was the sign of the Abrahamic Covenant?

Peach Fuzz & Mustache Be Gone!

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For years, I've had that nice layer of blond "peach fuzz" along my jawline and a little on the sides of my mouth.  Occasionally I had an esthetician wax it off but my skin was so sensitive that I would break out in red bumps and pimples galore!  So I decided I would just have to live with it.  One day, I was browsing the latest Avon catalog and came across "Skin So Soft - Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal Cream for the Face - Sensitive Skin Formula".  I decided for $3.99, it was worth a try.

First, I tested it on the backs of my fingers as I have some peach fuzz that grows there too. . . lucky me :-)  Following the directions, I applied the cream and waited for 3 minutes then wiped it off with a wet washcloth and viola!  No more hair!  There was no lingering redness and after 24 hours I hadn't broken out in a rash so I decided to try it on my face.  I followed the same application and…