Monday, May 3, 2010

When things get sticky...

Ever heard of or tried Reynolds "Easy Release Non-Stick" Foil?  When it first came out, the commercial featured two ladies following behind a big truck with a picture of cinnamon rolls or sticky buns and they were instantly enlightened to the idea of a foil for "when things get sticky."  I have to say that I LOVE the stuff!  It lives up to it's claims . . .

I use it quite often in my toaster oven - melting cheese on my nachos or on a pita or bagel for veggie sandwiches, etc.  The melted cheese just slides right off the foil along with the rest of the food.  The biggest test of the "non-stick" claim came when I was making wonderful peanut brittle in my microwave (EASY recipe from Andre . . . I promise to share it with my readers around the holidays :-).  I simply lined a cookie sheet with the Non-Stick foil and poured the peanut brittle on the foil to cool.  After completely cooling, the foil easily peeled off and saved me hours of scrubbing on my cookie sheet.  Give it a try next time you cook something sticky!

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