What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?

***Answer to this week’s Bible trivia is at the end of this post ***
As the weather heats up, I start craving that dish of ice cream in the evening.  Maybe some of you have no problem sticking to that 1/2 cup serving but I feel like a 1/2 cup is just a tease.  The problem comes when you look at the calories and realize that even if you get something “low fat”, like frozen yogurt, you are still banking 90-130 calories per serving.  If you like the “good stuff” with chocolate carmel pieces or brownie chunks . . . forget that diet!  You are talking 250-280 calories per serving (remember, that’s a tiny 1/2 cup).  So what did I do with that ice cream craving?

I happened to see Klondike Bars one day when I was shopping.  I almost didn’t even give them a second thought because I assumed they were like 500 calories because they are so rich and have a great thick layer of chocolate coating.  Well, guess what?  An entire Klondike Bar is only 240-270 calories (depending on whether it’s Double Chocolate, Vanilla or Reese’s).  They are so rich that I know there is no way I could polish off two in one sitting.  For me this is a great way to get my ice cream and chocolate fix and still keep the calories under control.  I’ve now realized why the commercial asks “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?” because they really are wonderful!

Bible Trivia Answer:  Jacob was . . . . 77 years old!  Hard to believe?  Genesis 27:1-2 says that Isaac was old & thought he was near death so he wanted to give the blessing to Esau before he died.  We know that Isaac lives a total of 180 years (Genesis 35:28).  According to Bible scholars, Isaac was 137 years old in Genesis 27.  Jacob and Esau were born when Isaac was 60 years old (Genesis 25:26).  So if we do the math and combine what we know in the written text with what scholars of the Bible have calculated, we find out that Jacob was 77 years old!  Did you ever picture Jacob to be 77 years old at this point?  I know I didn’t.  Not only was he still unmarried but he was still living at home 🙂

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