Sunless Tanning Secrets – Part 2

Now that you’ve purchased your sunless tanner, how do you put it on?  Here are the tips for application success . . .
 1) Shower and exfoliate your skin

2)Towel dry and apply a normal amount of body lotion – nothing too thick; something like Olay Body Quench
**Note:  Don’t apply your deodorant until after you’ve applied the sunless tanner.

3)Depending on the type of sunless tanner, wait 1-3 minutes for lotion to soak into skin before applying sunless tanner (less time if you are using Bare Escentuals; more time if you are using L’oreal Sublime Bronze)

4)Divide your application areas into zones.  Example: Zone #1 – upper chest and neck; Zone #2 – both arms; Zone #3 – both legs

5)Apply sunless tanner to each zone and make sure you thoroughly rub it in and check for any streaks before moving to the next zone.  I highly recommend using a sunless tanner with some kind of instant bronzer (like the two I’ve recommended) so you can easily see where you’ve applied it and correct any mistakes immediately.  The following are some guidelines to help know how much sunless tanner to apply to each zone.  Remember, you will not achieve your full tan in one day.  The goal is to apply several thin, even coats to build your tan.  However, you also want to make sure you have enough sunless tanner to thoroughly cover each zone; adjust amounts accordingly.

  • Zone #1 – Upper chest and neck – I use a dallop about the size of a penny.  Rub evenly between your hands and rub on chest first and then use downward strokes to apply to the neck starting just below the jaw line.  Don’t forget the back of your neck too . . . especially if you have short hair.
  • Zone #2 – Both Arms – I use two nickel size dallops.  Rub evenly between your hands and work into left arm using circular motions, starting at the shoulder and working down to the wrists.  Try to go lightly over the elbow and wrist; lightly brush onto the back of your hand so you don’t end up with a hard line where your wrist and hand meet.  Don’t forget the under side of your arm and back part of your shoulder.
  • Zone #3 – Both Legs – I use two penny size dallops for each leg and that is enough to tan from about mid-thigh to my feet.  On the legs you want to work one leg at a time and rub first into the calf area and then the thigh area.  Then apply to the sides and back of knee and use downward strokes over the kneecap.  Stop just above the ankle area and blend thoroughly.  Then brush your hands lightly over the top of your feet and up your ankle with remaining amount of sunless tanner on your hands.  Ankles, feet and knees really grab color so it’s best to go lightly over these areas but don’t avoid them all together.

6)Wash your hands thoroughly, being careful not to splash on your arms.  Dry hands and lightly brush the back of your wrist and hand with the washcloth/towel to help blur the tanning line. Take a damp washcloth and wipe off your elbows.

7)Allow sunless tanner to dry while you put on your makeup and style your hair.  This should give you at least 20-30 minutes of good drying time.  When you dress, remember to wear loose fitting clothes or shorts and a tank top that will allow your tan to completely dry without being rubbed off on your clothes. 

Have fun watching your color develop throughout the day.  Practice makes perfect!  At the end of the day, look over your tan and see if there are any areas that you missed or didn’t rub in evenly and fix those mistakes when you apply it the next day.  Repeat this process for at least 3-4 days in a row and you’ll have a nice golden tan.  Once you are a tan as you want to be, apply tanner every 2-3 days to keep up the color. Tanning “from the bottle” really can be easy!

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