Sunless Tanning Secrets – Part 1

Last Friday I wrote about my love for being tan and I promised to share the secrets of sunless tanning that I have learned along the way.  Today I’ll share some of the dos and don’ts and prepping your skin for the application.  Next Monday, I’ll tell you how to apply it. So without further ado . . .
  1. Best application time:  Morning after showering and exfoliating the skin.
  2. Despite what the bottle says, sunless tanner always goes on better and absorbs more quickly if you apply a thin layer of lotion first.  Lotion needs to be one that absorbs into the skin fairly quickly (I love Olay Body Quench).
  3. It will take 3-4 days in a row of application to build up to a deep glow.  Then you can maintain your glow by applying it every 1-3 days (depending on how tan you want to be).  I recommend doing a good exfoliating of your skin once a week.  After you do, apply the sunless tanner for 2 days in a row to build back your tan.
  4. On the days that you are “tanning”, apply it and wait as long as you can before getting dressed . . . 20-30 minutes at least. 
  5. On tanning day(s), select clothes that will help keep your lotion from getting rubbed off and allow for maximum drying time.  For example, wear a sleeveless shirt/tank top and shorts or crop pants.  If it’s a chilly day, go for a soft, loose fitting shirt and jeans/pants that won’t rub your skin too much during the day.
  6. Also, make sure you are not planning to go and water plants or get splashed pool side right after you’ve put on your sunless tanner.  If you are “tanning”, and water splashes on the skin, it will wash a little of the sunless tanner away in spots . . . not a good look unless you want to be a cheetah 🙂 
  7. Remember that once you are “tan”, you will still need to protect your skin if you will be out in the sun for long periods of time.  It’s easy to think, “oh, I’ve got a good tan so I won’t burn now” – wrong!  This is not that kind of a tan!  You will still burn under your tan so cover up or use sunscreen!

Now, I know that all sounds like a lot of trouble but once you get in a routine, you will be amazed at how easy sunless tanning really can be and you will be rewarded with a beautiful tan anytime of the year without harming your skin.  Plus, think of how many hours it takes to build and maintain a tan in a tanning salon or by laying out at the pool!

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