Return Hasseling

Today I was reminded of a valuable lesson when shopping online. . . make sure to know the return policy and how much trouble and expense it will be to do the return before clicking that “Confirm Order” button.

Since I live in such a small town, I LOVE the ability to shop online.  It saves me from driving long distances especially for my beloved cosmetics.  However, after today, I will be much more cautious about who I purchase cosmetics from online, especially if it’s a color I’m not sure about.  I’m a huge fan of Bare Escentuals and it’s the main staple in my makeup routine.  It’s available at various retailers including Macy’s and Sephora.  The lesson learned today though is that Bare Escentuals makes it really difficult and costly to exchange something that you purchased online if it’s not the right color.  I was told that I would be responsible for shipping costs both ways – returning my item and the shipping out of the exchanged item to me.  Plus, because of the special that was being run at the time of my purchase (a reduced price for purchasing a lip liner, lip gloss & lipstick), I would have to send back the liner & gloss, even though I am very happy with them, along with the lipstick.  Then they would send the liner & gloss back with my new liptstick color.  That made no business sense to me whatsoever . . . see some return hassling here?  There is a slight gimmer of hope that I may still be able to exchange the lipstick I bought at one of their boutiques (an hour away) but it’s up to each individual boutique to make their own exchange policy about products bought online. 

Sephora on the other hand has the most amazing return policy ever!  When you purchase on-line, you have the option of returning/exchanging the product at their store or you can return it through the mail, FOR FREE, by using the easy return label included with your order.  How easy is that?! 

I will still order from Bare Escentuals online but I will only order colors & products that I KNOW will work and that I might possibly have to return.  Hopefully you all will be saved from “return hassling” by learning from my mistake 🙂

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