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Lemon Juice & Sugar Facial

**Answer to Wednesday's Bible Quiz at the end of this post**
My best girlfriend Earen told me about this Kandee Johnson, a girl that has posted numerous videos on YouTube with make-up application tips, etc.  I finally took some time to watch some of them and I'm hooked!  One of the videos she posted was about the best facial you can do at home with lemons and sugar. 
Yesterday, I cut open a lemon, squeezed the juice on a cotton ball, sprinkled it with organic sugar and applied that to my face in circular motions.  My skin felt absolutely incredible!  In fact, I loved it so much that I even forced my husband to do it last night and his skin felt so soft and looks great!  Give yourself a facial this weekend and your face will thank you for it.  Watch Kandee's entertaining demonstration of this facial by clicking here.

*Answer to Wednesday's Bible Quiz:
The Greek word that means "Overcomer; Victor" is the name of a very popular shoe & clothing bra…

Wednesday Bible Quiz

What is the Greek word that means "Overcomer; Victor"?

Sunless Tanning Secrets - Part 2

Now that you've purchased your sunless tanner, how do you put it on?  Here are the tips for application success . . .
 1) Shower and exfoliate your skin

2)Towel dry and apply a normal amount of body lotion - nothing too thick; something like Olay Body Quench
**Note:  Don't apply your deodorant until after you've applied the sunless tanner.

3)Depending on the type of sunless tanner, wait 1-3 minutes for lotion to soak into skin before applying sunless tanner (less time if you are using Bare Escentuals; more time if you are using L'oreal Sublime Bronze)

4)Divide your application areas into zones.  Example: Zone #1 - upper chest and neck; Zone #2 - both arms; Zone #3 - both legs

5)Apply sunless tanner to each zone and make sure you thoroughly rub it in and check for any streaks before moving to the next zone.  I highly recommend using a sunless tanner with some kind of instant bronzer (like the two I've recommended) so you can easily see where you've applied…

Bible Trivia Wednesday

What is the New Testament fulfillment of the Sabbath Day rest?

Sunless Tanning Secrets - Part 1

Last Friday I wrote about my love for being tan and I promised to share the secrets of sunless tanning that I have learned along the way.  Today I'll share some of the dos and don'ts and prepping your skin for the application.  Next Monday, I'll tell you how to apply it. So without further ado . . . Best application time:  Morning after showering and exfoliating the skin.
Despite what the bottle says, sunless tanner always goes on better and absorbs more quickly if you apply a thin layer of lotion first.  Lotion needs to be one that absorbs into the skin fairly quickly (I love Olay Body Quench).
It will take 3-4 days in a row of application to build up to a deep glow.  Then you can maintain your glow by applying it every 1-3 days (depending on how tan you want to be).  I recommend doing a good exfoliating of your skin once a week.  After you do, apply the sunless tanner for 2 days in a row to build back your tan.
On the days that you are "tanning", app…

Tan Without the Sun

***Answer to this week's Bible trivia is at the end of this post ***
Years ago, I worked out with a friend who's slogan was, "whatever you have always looks better tan."  I have to say that I completely agree with her!  However, after having a few "beauty marks" removed by the dermatologist, I decided maybe tanning in salons and by the pool wasn't the best way to achieve a tan and started testing out sunless tanners.   I knew I found the right ones when someone at church remarked that I had way too much time on my hands to be able to lay out in the sun for hours working on my beautiful tan.  Ahhh . . . if they only knew that now I tan from the bottle!

There are a lot of sunless tanners out there and they all claim to be streak-free and that they won't turn you orange.  However, after a lot of trial and error, I've learned that not all sunless tanners are created equal.  Here are my 2 favorites that I use on a regular basis:
*Faux Tan …

Bible Trivia Wednesday

Here's this week's trivia question: 
Of the 1-3 million Israelites that were age 20 years or older and were part of the Exodus from Egypt, how many entered the promised land?

Return Hasseling

Today I was reminded of a valuable lesson when shopping online. . . make sure to know the return policy and how much trouble and expense it will be to do the return before clicking that "Confirm Order" button.

Since I live in such a small town, I LOVE the ability to shop online.  It saves me from driving long distances especially for my beloved cosmetics.  However, after today, I will be much more cautious about who I purchase cosmetics from online, especially if it's a color I'm not sure about.  I'm a huge fan of Bare Escentuals and it's the main staple in my makeup routine.  It's available at various retailers including Macy's and Sephora.  The lesson learned today though is that Bare Escentuals makes it really difficult and costly to exchange something that you purchased online if it's not the right color.  I was told that I would be responsible for shipping costs both ways - returning my item and the shipping out of the exchanged …

What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?

***Answer to this week's Bible trivia is at the end of this post ***
As the weather heats up, I start craving that dish of ice cream in the evening.  Maybe some of you have no problem sticking to that 1/2 cup serving but I feel like a 1/2 cup is just a tease.  The problem comes when you look at the calories and realize that even if you get something "low fat", like frozen yogurt, you are still banking 90-130 calories per serving.  If you like the "good stuff" with chocolate carmel pieces or brownie chunks . . . forget that diet!  You are talking 250-280 calories per serving (remember, that's a tiny 1/2 cup).  So what did I do with that ice cream craving?

I happened to see Klondike Bars one day when I was shopping.  I almost didn't even give them a second thought because I assumed they were like 500 calories because they are so rich and have a great thick layer of chocolate coating.  Well, guess what?  An entire Klondike Bar is only 240-270 c…

Bible Trivia - Jacob & Esau

OK, so this trivia question comes a little late this week . . . but here it is . . .

How old was Jacob when Rebekah formulated the plan to help him "steal" his father's blessing from his brother Esau?  This is probably a story you've heard a dozen or more times so before you look it up think how old you have always pictured Jacob to be at this point. . . answer is in the next post.

When things get sticky...

Ever heard of or tried Reynolds "Easy Release Non-Stick" Foil?  When it first came out, the commercial featured two ladies following behind a big truck with a picture of cinnamon rolls or sticky buns and they were instantly enlightened to the idea of a foil for "when things get sticky."  I have to say that I LOVE the stuff!  It lives up to it's claims . . .

I use it quite often in my toaster oven - melting cheese on my nachos or on a pita or bagel for veggie sandwiches, etc.  The melted cheese just slides right off the foil along with the rest of the food.  The biggest test of the "non-stick" claim came when I was making wonderful peanut brittle in my microwave (EASY recipe from Andre . . . I promise to share it with my readers around the holidays :-).  I simply lined a cookie sheet with the Non-Stick foil and poured the peanut brittle on the foil to cool.  After completely cooling, the foil easily peeled off and saved me hours of scrubb…