Pure Fitness by Crystal Light

For those of you that have wondered if there would ever be a great tasting beverage without artificial sweetener and without a bazillion calories, the day has arrived!  It's a new drink mix made by Crystal Light called "Pure Fitness". 

There are 7 packets per box and each packet flavors 16 ounces of water.  Thus far, there are only a few flavors available . . . I tried Strawberry Kiwi and it's great!  Not only are there just 30 calories for a whole packet but there are no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.  Usually these types of drinks taste like watered down Kool-aid . . . not so with this one.  I don't know how Crystal Light packed so much flavor with so few calories but they managed to pull it off.   So, here's to a nice ice cold glass of refreshing Pure Fitness water.  Cheers!