Peanut Butter….the Miracle Worker!

**Answer to Wednesday’s Bible Trivia is at the end of this post **
Through the years, I’ve heard how wonderful the peanut is and that there are so many uses for peanut butter . . . other than eating it on bread with jelly or adding it with marshmallow creme to make fudge (YUM!).

Last weekend, my husband had just given our dog a bath.  When he and our dog returned from their afternoon walk, I discovered a big “glob” of sap in our dog’s hair.  We tried dish soap & shampoo and scrubbing his fur with a towel . . . all to no avail.  My husband was about to reach for the scissors when I said, “Wait!  Let’s try peanut butter!”  He looked at me rather strangely and I went on to explain that I’ve heard it helps get gum out of hair and tar off of cars without damaging the paint.  So, we rubbed a glob of peanut butter into the hair & sap and it was like magic!  It dissolved the sap and we simply rinsed off the dog’s fur.  Amazing stuff in that little peanut 🙂

Now for the answer to the Bible trivia question from Wednesday:
Perez was one of twin boys born to Tamar who posed as a prostitute and propositioned Judah, who was technically her father-in-law.   The entire story is in Genesis 38 and I guarantee this was not a story you learned in Sunday School and rightfully so. . . this story has a PG13 or R rating so it’s probably not one you want to read at the family devotional time.  However, it’s definitely a story you should read.  Why?  Well, let’s just say that the name “Judah” has huge significance when we learn about a baby born in Bethlehem.  Are you tracking with me now?  Also, as you read the story, think about the writer of the book of Genesis, Moses.  He was inspired by God to write this book and you have to wonder if he questioned why God would want him to include this crazy story right in the middle of the story of Joseph.  It wasn’t until about 1400 years later that the significance would ultimately be revealed.  Amazed?  I know am!

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