Get Every Last Drop of....

LIPGLOSS!  Those of you that know me well, know that I have quite a collection of lipglosses.  There are many that I know I will never use all of before they go bad.  However, I have several that I will use until they are gone.  It use to be so frustrating to get to the end of my favorite lipgloss and not be able to get that last little bit at the bottom and at the top of the tube. 

One day, I was at the Bobby Brown cosmetics counter and one of the beauty experts let me in on the secret to getting every last drop.  Here's the secret (applies to lipglosses that have a brush/sponge applicator that you insert into the tube of lipgloss): 
1)Remove the applicator from the tube & set aside.
2)Slide your fingernail around the lip of the tube and separate the hard rubber "filter" from the tube of lipgloss and wiggle it free from the tube.
3)Insert a q-tip or brush and scrape that tube clean!