Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bible Trivia Wednesday

How many of you know who Perez was or the story concerning his conception/birth?  I would not have recognized his name until learning about him recently in our Wednesday Bible Study. . . I was so amazed when I learned who he was and how he came into this world that it got me thinking. . .

I've been in church my whole life, graduated from a Christian High School and yet there is SO much of the Bible that I've just skimmed over and amazing details I never knew were there until I slowed down and took time to really study what I was reading.  To many, the Old Testament seems to be dry and just a compilation of interesting stories that have nothing to do with the New Testament.  But oh, my goodness is that ever wrong!  Since I get to learn from the best Bible teacher there is every week (a.k.a. my husband :) I thought maybe I should share what I'm learning with you.  So, come on and have a little fun.  Who knows . . . you might learn something amazing!  Answer will be posted in Friday's blog.

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