When it comes to breakfast meats, bacon is at the top of my favorites list.  I'm pretty particular about how it's cooked though . . . no limp chewy bacon for me!  Since I'm so particular, it has to be cooked in a good ole' frying pan - no microwave bacon please!  Now, the problem comes when I open an entire pound of bacon and only need 2 or 3 slices.

Here are a few solutions that I came up with:

1) Cook the entire pound of bacon all at once.  Drain the bacon on paper towels and cool completely.  Put the cooked bacon in a ziploc bag and freeze.  The next time you want to eat bacon, you can heat a couple of strips in your frying pan on the stove as you are finishing up your eggs and the bacon is crisp and wonderful!
2) Or, cook only the strips that you plan to eat that day.  Tear off 2 or 3 sheets of wax paper & size them to fit in a large gallon-size ziploc bag.  Separate the remaining raw bacon and lay each strip side by side on each of the wax paper sheets.  Carefully lay each sheet on top of each other and slip into the ziploc bag.  Lay it flat in your freezer & freeze.  The next time you want some bacon, peel off several strips from the wax paper and cook.  Return the remaining bacon to the freezer.