Eyeshadow Combination….”Adventure Girl”

Of all of the many eye shadows and liners that I have in my collection, I often find myself in a rut, using the same colors over and over.  So after looking through the last Mary Kay catalog sent from my dear friend, Earen, I was inspired to venture out and try a new color combination last week.  I loved it so much that I thought I would share it with you.  Hopefully it will inspire you to be adventurous this week and try a new color combination.

Here’s how I used these colors:

  1. Applied Drama over my eyelid from the lash line to the crease; from inside corner of the eye to the outside corner.
  2. Applied Skywalker over the top of Drama just on half of my eyelid – from the inside to the center of the lid
  3. Applied Merlot across the entire crease of my eye
  4. Applied Nude Beach above the Merlot to my brow line
  5. Applied Smoky Diamonds liner shadow wet along just my upper lash line

**Make sure to apply a primer first so your artwork stays in place and blend each of the shadows into the next color. 

What fun color combinations might you come up with?  Take an extra 10 minutes this week during your children’s naptime or before an evening out and try something adventurous . . . you may be surprised to find a new favorite combination!

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