"Value Pack".....Value for the Consumer or the Retailer?

The other day I went to the store for toothpaste.  We needed two tubes of toothpaste so naturally when I saw the "Value Pack" with two tubes I was ecstatic (always love a deal:-).  However, when I looked at the price to see how good of a deal I was getting, I realized it was no deal at all . . .
The price for an individual tube was $1.96.  The price for the "Value Pack" of two tubes (same exact type & size as the individual tube) was $4.18.  Now I didn't have to remember any formulas from Calculus to figure out what was the better bargain.  Lesson learned:  when purchasing something in larger quantities labeled "Value Size" or "Value Pack", make sure to do the math to figure out who is receiving the better value - you, the consumer or the retailer.


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